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"With an uncanny lyricism about nothing that evokes the dry wit of Courtney Barnett of Australia, Swanson examines how image, desire and mortality shape modern times."


Ava Swan is a Montana-raised, Nashville-based songwriter whose clever and intimate indie pop / alt-country songs shed light on a world in disarray. Her music draws influence from idols like Faye Webster, Mitski, and Julia Jacklin, expertly weaving blunt lyricism and fresh melodies into warm and infectious songs that listeners fall in love with.


Primed by a musical childhood, Ava Swan got her start in 2019 with the release of her first EP, VABA ESTE. Raw and simple, she took the EP on a 10-city DIY tour of the United States, discovering and connecting with various pockets of the American music scene. Filled with momentum, she followed with Calling on the Modern World, a full-bodied EP which she released and in the spring of 2021.


Seeking direction in the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ava began a master's program through Berklee Valencia in the fall of 2021. While at Berklee, she landed her first record deal with Disrupcion Records, releasing 'Molly' through the label in May of 2022. The single launched Ava's listener base into the thousands and secured her place on the Spotify algorithmic map. She also leveraged the abundance of talent and resources at Berklee to record a new 5-song EP, which she is currently rolling out with the December 2022 release of ‘Birthday’ and the upcoming release of ‘Oh My’.


Presently, Ava Swan is a new arrival to Nashville, Tennessee, where she is diving deeper than ever into her music career. Harnessing local performance, social media, and the ongoing heartbeat of community support, Ava Swan’s ambitious spirit sails forward, spilling out songs as she goes.

Now Available: 'Oh My' Single

Ava Swan’s new single, ‘Oh My’, is a punchy indie-pop track that centers the cautiously hopeful lyric "anyone can fall in love at any time". Dynamic yet soothing, the song celebrates small moments of wonder amongst the hardship and mundanity of everyday life. Swan wrote the song after emerging from a pandemic-era depression, delighted by how life turned for the better when she least expected it. ‘Oh My’ harnesses a dynamic sonic palette to deliver clever and heartfelt lyrics, ultimately peaking with a thrilling guitar solo from featured artist Christian Dias.

"Ava Swan combines pop and country sensibilities into something capable of elucidating personal feelings while capturing the alarming state of the world."

"'Oh My' is a carefully honed, revitalizing song ... [that] manages to be an exhilarating energy surge, while also having a calming effect."

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